QSFP-DD112 doubles the density of QSFP interconnects with an eight-lane electrical interface capable 112 Gbps PAM-4 to achieve 800 Gbps aggregate per port. The QSFP-DD 112 portfolio’s backwards compatibility allows existing QSFP112 modules to be plugged into QSFP-DD112 ports, provide low loss, less skew and better NEXT. providing superior thermal and signal integrity performance.

SFP-DD's form factor solves technical challenges, achieves dual density interfaces, The innovative electrical interface design supports two channels, each of which can operate under 25 Gbps NRZ modulation or 56 Gbps PAM4 modulation, providing aggregate bandwidth of 56 Gbps NRZ or 112 Gbps PAM4, respectively, with excellent signal integrity.

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