200G PAM4 QSFP56 to 4xSFP56 Direct Attached Cable

200G QSFP56-to-4xSFP56 passive cable, based on 4X50G or 4X56G architecture, supports NRZ/PAM4 transmission, reduces cross talk and insertion losses, and has excellent signal integrity, fully conforming to the next generation 200G Ethernet and InfiniBand HDR standards. It can meet the application requirements of the next generation of 200G switches, servers, routers and other products.

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DAC Copper Cable QSFP56 to 4xSFP56 200G PAM4


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Product Description


• Comply with SFF-8636

• Compliant with Ethernet IEEE802.3bj/IEEE 802.3cd

• Serial ID is supported through EEPROM

• Supports hot swap, low crosstalk, and low power consumption

• Supports a maximum distance of 3 meters

• Operating temperature range: 0°C to 70°C

• RoHS compliant

• Four electrical interfaces transmit up to 28Gbps NRZ or 56Gbps PAM4


25G/40G/100g/200 Ethernet

Infiniband SDR, DDR, QDR, FDR, EDR, HDR

Switches, routers, data centers, cloud servers

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