10G SFP+ Active Direct Copper Cable Assembly

The SFP+ active copper cable assembly is a high-performance, cost-effective I/O solution for 10GB Ethernet and 10G Fibre Channel applications, enabling high-end port density, configurability, and utilization at a very low cost while reducing power budgets.

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DAC Copper Cable 10G SFP+ Active


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Product Description

Product features:

• Support gigabit data rates up to 10.5Gbps

• Data rate backward compatible with 1Gbps

• Hot-swap SFP 20-pin package

• I/O connectors designed for high-speed differential signal applications

• Improved pluggable Format factor (IPF) compatibility to enhance EMI/EMC performance

• Compatible with SFP+MSA

• Temperature range: 0 to 70°C

• Compliant with RoHS 2.0

Product application:

• High volume I/O in storage area networks, network-connected storage, and storage servers

• Switch structure I/O, such as ultrahigh bandwidth switches and routers

• Data center wiring infrastructure

• High density connectivity between network devices

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