25G SFP28 Active Optical Cable

The 25G SFP28+ AOC is the SFP28 connector for a direct cable assembly that transmits data 25Gb/s, which is suitable for very short distances and provides a cost-effective way to connect between racks and adjacent racks.

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AOC Optical Cable 25G SFP28


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Product Description

The 25G SFP28 Active cable is the SFP28 active cable for 25GB Ethernet (25GbE), the 25G SFP+ AOC cable provides an ideal alternative solution for short distance SFP28 direct copper cable (DAC) and SFP28 transceiver optics, They are designed for high speed, high density and low power consumption in data center networking applications.

Product features:

Supports 25Gb/s aggregate bit rate

• 850nm VCSEL

• Internal CDR circuits on the receiver and transmitter channels

• The maximum link length of the OM3 MMF is 300 m

• High-density connectors that comply with SFP28 MSA standards

• Operating temperature: 0°C to 70°C

• Supply voltage 3.3V

• RoHS Compatible 

Product application:

• 10Gbs to 25Gbs Ethernet

• Data storage and communications

• Servers and data storage devices

• Switches, routers, Hbas, etc

• Data center and rack connections

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