SFF-8643 To SFF-8643 mini SAS HD

The internal Mini SAS cable provides differential impedance with tight skew control and low crosstalk, and uses 3M twin-axle cable technology to provide end-to-end interface signal integrity and 3.0 Gbps to 12.0Gbps performance.

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SAS Cable SFF-8643 Mini SAS HD

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Product Description

Product features:

• Mini SAS HD SFF-8643 to Mini SAS HD SFF-8643(36Pin)

• Mini SAS HD SFF-8643 in SAS 2.1 conforms to the 6.0Gbps SAS specification

• The SAS 3.0 specification uses the new HD connector and runs at 12.0Gbps

• Impedance =100Ω

• Up to 12.0Gbps data rate

• Temperature range: -20℃-80℃

• Meet RoHS standards

Product reference:

• Servers, RAID systems, and storage systems

• SAS/SATA HBA ports

• Directly Connected storage (DAS)

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