SFF-8644 TO 7P 4XSATA External Data Line

External high-density (HD) Mini-SAS hard disk data cable SFF-8644 to 7 4xSATA is mainly used for external device connection, the length is 1 meter, the transmission rate can be up to 12Gbps.

Key word:

SAS Cable SFF-8644 TO 7P 4XSATA 8644 HD External SAS

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Product Description

Product features:

• Connection head A: 36 spell SFF-8644

• Connector B: 4 spell SATA

• Transmission rate: 12Gbps

• Operating voltage: 12V

• Operating temperature: 0 ~ 70°C

• Cable length: 0.5 m, 1 m, 2 m

• Wire gauge: AWG28

• Compliant with ROHS 2.0

Product application:

• Server, Ethernet, network card, cloud computing, cloud storage network, high speed network

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