SFP28-25G-SR 850nm 150m

The SFP28-25G-SR transceiver is a high-performance, cost-effective module that supports a maximum link length of 150m and complies with RoHS standards.

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150m SFP28-25G-SR 850nm


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Product Description

Product characteristics:

• Electrical interface complies with SFF-8431 standard

• 850 nm VCSEL laser and PIN photodetector

• The maximum link length for OM3 MMF is 100 meters, and the maximum link length for OM4 MMF is 150 meters

• Digital diagnostic function available through I2C

• Interface

• Operating enclosure temperature: Commercial: 0°C to+70°C Industrial: - 40°C to+85°C

• RoHS compliant

Product Application:

• 25GBASE-SR Ethernet

• InfiniBand QDR, SDR, DDR

• Server, switch, storage, and host card adapters

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