40G QSFP+Acitve DAC High-speed Cable

QSFP+ to 4SFP+ active cables provide a low-cost solution for rack-to-rack data transmission over 10G Ethernet, data storage centers, and computing centers.

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DAC Copper Cable 40G QSFP+ Acitve


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Product Description

Product features:

• Up to 40Gb/s two-way data transfer capability

• Comply with QSFP+ MSA standards

• Fully comply with IEEE802.3ba and QDR specifications

• Default tape suppression, software configurable

• Four separate duplex channels running at 10Gbps, also supporting 2.5Gbps and 5Gbps data rates

• All-metal case with good EMI performance

• Single power supply is 3.3V

• Low power consumption, less than 1.5W

• Meet RoHS standards

• Operating temperature range: 0℃ to 70℃

Product application:

• 40G Ethernet

• Serial data transmission


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