C-FLINK Technology sixth anniversary celebration and 2023 annual party



C-FLINK Technology sixth anniversary celebration and 2023 annual party

Sing a harmonious new movement together, and draw a good future together.

Warmly celebrate the 6th anniversary celebration of C-FLINK Technology and the success of the annual party in 2023.

The Jade dragon is auspicious, the golden snake presents Rui, the purple qi comes to the east, and everything is renewed! Say goodbye to the unforgettable 2023, usher in the new 2024; Looking back on six years of struggle, looking forward to a new future.

The annual meeting kicked off in an impassioned and warm atmosphere, and the company's general manager Jarvis Liu first delivered a speech. He reviewed the development process of the company in the past year, expressed his sincere thanks to all employees for their hard work in various projects, and highly affirmed the achievements of the company. At the same time, Jarvis Liu clearly put forward the development goals and strategic planning for the New Year, emphasizing that the company will continue to innovate, enhance core competitiveness, and jointly draw a blueprint for future development.

In the subsequent award process, the company awarded the teams and individuals with outstanding performance and contributions in the past year, including the Outstanding Employee award, the outstanding contribution award, the fifth anniversary Service Award and other important awards, in order to encourage all employees to be proactive and create new achievements.

During the dinner, the wonderful artistic performances were staged in turn, which were written and directed by the company's employees, fully demonstrating the versatile side of the employees of C-FLINK Technology Company and the spirit of unity and cooperation. In addition, the exciting sweepstakes will bring the atmosphere to a climax, and every employee is immersed in the ocean of joy and harmony.

Finally, the leadership of the company and all my colleagues toast to share this warm and unforgettable moment, looking forward to working together in the New Year to write a new chapter of C-FLINK Technology Company.

The success of this annual conference is not only an affirmation of past achievements, but also a declaration of future challenges. C-FLINK Technology Company will be more full of enthusiasm, more solid pace, go forward, create a better future.