5G Network


Scheme description

The fifth generation of mobile communication (5G) technology is about to enter the process of commercialization, and its new service characteristics and higher index requirements have put forward new challenges to the bearer network architecture and technical solutions of each layer.
The 5G bearer network implements the forward, middle and back transmission functions of 5G services through the MAN and the backbone network. The devices at each layer mainly rely on optical fibers and optical modules to connect. Compared with 4G network, the number of optical modules configured in the base station of 5G bearer network and the number of base station construction have significantly increased, and the demand for optical modules is much higher than that of 4G bearer network construction.
C-flink provides 25G/40G/100G/200G/400G optical modules with the same performance as the original optical modules, which can help service providers save costs and be economical and efficient to a certain extent.