Scheme description

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or UAV, is an unmanned aircraft operated either completely or intermittently autonomously by an onboard computer, using a radio-remote control device and a self-contained program control device. Uavs can be divided into military and civilian applications. For military purposes, UAVs are divided into reconnaissance aircraft and target aircraft. In the civil aspect, UAV + industry application is the real demand of UAV; In aerial photography, agriculture, plant protection, micro selfie, express transportation, disaster relief, wildlife observation, monitoring of infectious diseases, surveying and mapping, news reports, power inspection, disaster relief, film and television shooting, romantic manufacturing and other fields of application, greatly expand the use of the UAV itself, developed countries are also actively expanding the industry application and development of UAV technology.
C-fink's special communication harness for UAV can ensure efficient and stable data transmission.