120G CXP-120G-SR12

AFBR-83PDZ Avago Technologies AFBR-83PDZ is a 12 channel, Pluggable, parallel, fiber optic CXP transceiver 100 100GbE + 12 × 10G IB (Gigabit Ethernet) Quadruple data rate (IB-QDR) applications

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120g CXP SR2


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Product Description

Product characteristics:

• SFF-8642 compliant: Mini Multi Channel Series: Shielded

• Integrated connectors and IBTA Appendix A6 CXP interface specifications

• Running at 10.3125 Gbps/channel with 64b/66b encoded data 100GbE applications and 10 Gbps

8b/10b encoded data for IB-QDR applications

• Hot swap

• Connect 100m using OM3 optical fiber and 150m using OM4 optical fiber

• Operating temperature range from 0 to 70 ° C

• Only 3.3 V power is available

• Low power consumption<3w

• Proven high reliability 850 nm technology: Avago VCSEL array transmitter and Avago PIN array receiver

• Two-wire serial (TWS) interface that shields interrupts

-Status of each channel: Tx fault, electrical (transmitter) and optical (receiver) LOS, warning flag

• Adopt standard 24 channel optical fiber and MTP (MPO) optical connectors to achieve high density and thin

Lightweight cable management

Product Application:

• 100 GbE interconnect with IB-QDR/IB-DDR/IB-SDR

• Data aggregation, backplanes, and proprietary protocols and density applications

• Data communication/telecommunications switch and router connections

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