10G SFP+ Active Optical Cable

The 10G SFP+ AOC is a high data rate parallel active cable that uses highly reliable 850nm VCSEL technology to overcome the bandwidth limitations of traditional copper cables up to 150 m.

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10G AOC Active Optical Cable SFP+


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Product Description

The SFP+ active cable is equipped with an optical conversion device that complies with the SFF-8432, SFP+ Multi Source Agreement standard SFP+ active cable features low power consumption, low bit error rate, easy management, and high performance. We offer customized options up to 150 m.

Product features:

• 10Gb/s serial fiber port

• 850nm high-speed VCSEL and PIN receiver

• The OM2/OM3 MM optical fiber supports a transmission range of 10Gb/s, up to 150 m

• Meets SFP+ MSA and SFF-8432 standards

• Serial ID is supported through EEPROM

• Operating temperature 0 to +70℃

• Supply voltage 3.3V

• Power consumption 200mW

• Meet RoHS standards

Product application:

• 4G and 8G Fibre Channel applications

• 1xInfiniBand QDR, DDR, SDR

• High performance computing cluster, data center wiring

• Servers, switches, storage and host card adapters

• 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE)

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