56G QSFP+ AOC Active Optical Cable

QSFP+ AOC-56g is a high data rate parallel active cable (AOC). The AOC provides four independent data transmission channels and four data reception channels via multi-mode ribbon fiber, each capable of operating at a rate of 14Gbps. The product can achieve an aggregated data rate of 56Gbps over 100 meters to support ultra-fast computational data exchange.

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AOC Optical Cable 56G QSFP+ AOC


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Product Description

56Gb/s QSFP+ AOC is QSFP+ interface to convert electrical signals into optical signals transmission active cable, the module is equipped with photoelectric conversion device, transmission distance up to 100 meters, the product has four channels, each channel transmission rate up to 14Gb/s, polymerization rate up to 56Gb/s, its low power consumption, low bit error rate, Easy management and high performance are widely applicable to short - and medium-distance high-speed interconnection of ten - gigabit network cards, ten - gigabit switches, ten - gigabit servers, supercomputers, cloud computing, and cloud storage networks.

Product features:

• Data transfer rate up to 14.3Gbit/s per channel

• Comply with QSFP+ MSA&SFF-8661 standard

• Comply with QSFPMSA and IEEE802.3bj/56GBASE-SR4 standards

• Hot swap electrical port

• Differential AC coupled high-speed data interface

• OM3/OM4 multi-mode cable up to 100m

• 4-channel 850nm VCSEL array

• 4-channel PIN photodetector array

• Serial ID is supported through EEPROM

• Manage the interface and digital diagnostics

• Low power consumption

• 3.3V supply voltage

• The operating box temperature ranges from 0°C to +70°C

• RoHS compliant

Product application:

• 10Gbs to 56Gbs Ethernet

• Data storage and communications

• Servers and data storage devices

• Switches, routers, and Hbas

• Data center and rack connections

• InfiniBand EDR

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