36P SFF-8087 4I TO 4*SFF-8482 SAS29

It is the internal MINI serial connection SFF-8087 to 4xSFF-8482 Serial connection SCSI Controller based cable, which has a length of 0.5 m for connecting SATA/SAS controller (SFF-8087) to four SATA/SAS disks (SFF-8482).

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SAS Cable 36P SFF-8087 4I TO 4*SFF-8482

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Product Description

Product features:

• Connector A: 36-pin SFF-8087 male Mini-SAS

• Connector B: 29-pin SFF-8482 female Mini-SAS

• Connector C: 4x4pin power female

• Cable length: 0.5 m

• Wire gauge: AWG30

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